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Black Convoy


Where Nemesis Prime is an evil clone of Optimus Prime, Black Convoy IS Optimus Prime. Or perhaps a good clone of him. Or maybe Black Convoy might be just another name for Nemesis Prime. I'm not sure. I do know that Convoy is the Japanese name, so I think it's just the regular Prime in black, but what do I know. For more info about this character, see the [Nemesis Prime article on TFWiki.net]

However, where Nemesis Prime is a nice cool black and blue, Black Convoy is a red and black, which makes him look more evil to me, than Nemesis' deco. If I cared at all I'd buy stickers to swap their team logos, so the black and red on was Nemesis Prime.

As with Classics Prime, this is an excellent mold, with a nice, modern look to the cab-over-engine type truck, and a very iconic looking bot mode. I love this mold, and am trying to acquire all repaints of it, but a couple of them are ridiculously expensive (such as this one (Wonderfest Black Convoy) Shattered Glass Prime, Crystal Convoy, which fetch many hundreds on the after market) so I'll either have to get knock offs or go without.

This is, unfortunately, a knock off. The official product was never actually released, or maybe a small number of them escaped into the wild, again I'm not quite sure. It was supposed to be an exclusive at some event called Wonderfest (unless I'm remembering that wrong, too), but I think for some reason the figure wasn't available. All I know is that it sells for hundreds and I wasn't going to pay that much, and this KO came around at an opportune time and for an opportune price.

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