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Card bio
Soundwave is one of the most sophisticated electronics and communications experts on Cybertron. His body is heavily armored and shielded to protect the sensitive communications gear hidden within, where he stores every byte of information he collects. He is a living storehouse of secrets. No one trusts him, but everyone understands that the data he holds could destroy them all.
Soundwave has always been a fan favorite character. The original G1 design was a cassette player, complete with buttons (FF, RW, Play, Pause, Eject) and a working door that could hold a special cassette. The cassettes were, in turn, Transformers, the most well known of which is probably Ravage. It was really cool that little mini-transformers could hide in his chest, but that wasn't the only cool gimmick. He also had two battery shaped/sized things, that stored in a battery compartment in tape deck mode, but in robot mode they converted into his weapons, a shoulder-mounted multi-rocket pod, and a hand held laser cannon. This Generations version of Soundwave tries to mimic the look of the G1 figure, and follows most of the same lines, the chest compartment, the weapons, which in this case store in the chest compartment.
But of course, who today remembers what a cassette player was, except for audiophiles and G1 fans? So we'll probably never see another true G1-style Soundwave, but this one is close enough to me. He turns into an armored car sorta thing, with big claw things on the front. His weapons can store in the chest compartment (which becomes the windscreen), or can be mounted about the rear wheels.
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