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This page shows figures from the TNG line of figures, who are wearing the regular TNG style uniforms and other uniforms/outfits they wore during the show. See also Nemesis Figures, for the TNG cast in their DS9 style uniforms.


Wave One (Mar 2006)

Wave Two (Aug 2006)

  • Capt Jean-Luc Picard (Season 7 Uniform)
  • Capt Jean-Luc Picard (Captain's Jacket)
  • Capt Jean-Luc Picard (First Contact Uniform Vest, Action Figure Xpress)
  • Deanna Troi (Season 7 Uniform)
  • Deanna Troi (Casual Attire, Entertainment Earth)
  • Locutus of Borg (Previews Exclusive)

Wave Three (Feb 2007)

  • Lore (Previews Exclusive)
  • Lt Cmdr Data (First Contact Uniform, Diamond Select)
  • Lt Cmdr Geordi La Forge (Season 7 Uniform)
  • Lt Cmdr Geordi La Forge (Nemesis Uniform, NYCC Exclusive)
  • Lt Reginald Barclay (Season 7 Uniform)

Wave Four (Aug 2007)

  • Dr Beverly Crusher (Season 7 Uniform)
  • Ensign Wesley Crusher (Season 7 Uniform)
  • Q (Starfleet Uniform) ← NEED!

Wave Five (Jan 2009)

  • Dr Beverly Crusher (Nemesis Uniform)
  • Transporter Chief Miles O'Brien
  • Nurse Alyssa Ogawa
  • Ensign Ro Laren (Previews Exclusive)

2 Packs

  • Cmdr Riker & Deanna Troi (Nemesis Uniforms, New Force Comics Exclusive)

Command Chairs

These figures were released with the Enterprise D's Command Chair. They are also slight retools of earlier figures, this time in the Season 1 uniforms, with colored piping on the shoulders and no collar. Riker is clean shaven. A similar item was planned for the DS9 line, Captain Sisko (in Season 4 Uniform) and Defiant Command Chair, but unfortunately it was cancelled. If it's ever released I'll definitely be buying it.

  • Capt Jean-Luc Picard (Season 1)
  • Cmdr William Riker (Season 1)
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