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Tips, tricks, add-ons, and other info for Hercules, by TFC Toys


  • Rage of Hercules by TFC Toys
Official add-on by TFC Toys. Contains new shoulder attachments, forearms, gun, and new head with two faces. Meant to give a more G1 look to Hercules.


  • Herc Upgrade Kit (set 1) by echotransformer
Thigh extensions, elbow clips for Rage of Hercules, wing extensions, crane mount, crane lock.
Sold in various combinations
Currently being tweaked for WSF+Polished
Order the Complete Kit here
TFW2005 discussion thread
  • Herc Ugrade Kit (set 2) by echotransformer
Work in Progress, not yet available
waist filler for combined mode, drill (!), fist caps for Exgraver, cover for Neckbreaker

  • Hercules add ons by edwein81
I believe this was released pre- Rage of Hercules set, as it mostly adds functionality brought by that set.
Forearms and Leg extensions
Leg extensions
Shoulder extensions
Neckbreaker Plow Adapters
Head gun


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