Sword of Duncan MacLeod

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Official product description

The Sword of Duncan MacLeod
When sensei Hideo Koto gave his treasured Dragon's Head katana to Duncan MacLeod, he gave him more than just a sword. He
passed on to him the ancient traditions, lethal skills and noble values of the Samurai warrior.

Individually hand-crafted by master artisans using centuries-old techniques, this sword is inspired by the Katana of
Duncan MacLeod. Its formidable 29" hand-polished stainless steel blade is crowned by a finely carved 13" faux-ivory
handle adorned with a regal dragon's head. Comes complete with a red lacquered scabbard.

* Length: 29"
* Hand-Polished Stainless Steel Blade
* 13" Faux Ivory Handle
* Red Lacquer Scabbard
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