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Designed by Terry Dodson, sculpted by Jack Matthews, this mini bust measures approximately 5.75" Tall, 2.5" Wide, and 3" Deep. It was limited to 5000 units, of which I have number 1449.

Considering how much I've wanted this bust since it was announced, and how the price didn't seem to drop on eBay at all after it's release, I was surprised to find it on clearance at an online store I haven't used much in the last few years. It wasn't a great price, after shipping, but since most places/eBay sellers were asking what I paid or more Plus shipping, I'm okay with the price I paid for it.

It's exactly as lovely as I hoped it would be, and it looks great from any angle. I like the way her cape is flowing around her left side, and I like the red skirt with the blue shirt. I've never really been a big fan of midriff-revealing outfits, but I've always been partial to Supergirl, for some reason, and this bust really makes the costume work.

It's definitely my favorite bust so far acquired.

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