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Masterpiece Skywarp alt mode Masterpiece Skywarp in package


This is the US Edition, which was available exclusively at Walmart. It differs from the Japanese version in the color of the eyes (JP has red eyes, US has yellow) and the pin-striping on the wings and tail. The US deco matches the G1 toy.

The retail price of this figure was $60. I saw it when it was released, thought it was beautiful, way too expensive, and promptly forgot it. A few months later I noticed it had been put on clearance at $30, and thought about getting it, but delayed hoping it would make it down to $20. Then on a trip to Las Vegas at an out of the way store I found it for $15 and promptly bought it. A few months after that I found a store that had them for $5, and was able to pick up a couple extras.

The alternate mode is a take on the F-15 jet. Skywarp is a Decepticon and one of the many clones of Starscream. Collectively the Decepticons jets are known as Seekers. Being a fan of aircraft, the Seekers have always been one of my favorite aspects of Transformers.

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