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From 2005 to 2007 Hasbro offered an 8 inch line of GI Joe figures, based on the cartoon series Sigma 6. These figures were of high quality, nicely priced, and loaded down with accessories. I got into the line around Spring of 2008, the line was officially ended, but stores still had decent selections for a while, I was able to purchase some from retail, but most I ended up getting aftermarket (trades on forums, eBay, etc). If Hasbro revived the line I'd pick it up immediately.

The line was subdivided into two sub-series, the Commando and Soldier. Commando figures retailed at $15, included many accessories, and part of the figure's packaging became a storage case for the accessories. The Soldier series were $10 and lacked the storage case, but usually had close to the same number of accessories, and in a few notable cases had even more. Each figure also usually included some kind of spring-loaded, projectile launching BFG which sometimes were cool or fun from my perspective, and were always fun for the kids. My daughters love these things, they'll shoot them down the hall endlessly if I let them.

As the line went on Hasbro experimented with the line, there were a small number of Adventure sets, and even 5 vehicles, though those aren't quite in scale, they're still pretty big items. The play value of this line is amazing, they're great fun for kids and collectors.

One strange thing I've noticed, I don't know why all the different Snake Eyes figures get distinct names, while most of the Storm Shadows are just that, Storm Shadow. Weird.


Wave One (2005)

Wave Two (2006)

  • Long Range
  • Ninja Armor Snake Eyes
  • COBRA Commander

Wave Three (2006)

Wave Four (2006)

  • Arctic Duke
  • Hi-Tech
  • Snake Eyes Jungle Commando
  • Destro

Wave Five (2006)

  • Lt Stone
  • Arctic Snake Eyes w/ Timber
  • Battlefield General COBRA Commander
  • Storm Shadow
  • Zartan

Wave Six (2007)

  • Grand Slam

Wave Seven (2007)

  • Ninja Flames Kamakura

Wave Eight (2007)

  • Flint
  • Commando Snake Eyes

Wave Nine (2007)

  • Dojo Snake Eyes
  • Samurai Snake Eyes
  • Crime Boss Destro
  • Dark Ninja Master


Wave One (2005)

  • Kamakura
  • Tunnel Rat

Wave Two (2006)

  • Storm Shadow w/ Shauri Crossbow

Wave Three (2006)

  • Desert Long Range
  • Night Ops Snake Eyes
  • Firefly

Wave Four (2006)

  • Airglide Kamakura
  • Temple Tracker Spirit Iron-Knife

Wave Five (2007)

  • COBRA Firefly

Wave Six (2007)

  • Gung Ho

Wave Seven (2007)


Adventure Team Wave One

Combat Squad Wave One

  • Leatherneck (Marine)
  • Desert Wolf (Army Ranger)
  • Shockwave (Black Ops)

Combat Squad Wave Two

  • Jungle Expert Recondo

Box Sets

  • Paratrooper Duke
  • Paratrooper Snake Eyes
  • Sigma Strike Duke
  • Land, Sea & Air


  • COBRA Hovercycle
  • Sigma 6 Hovercycle
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