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All figures are complete, undamaged, unless noted.

Pics available on request.

FREE SHIPPING on all items within the US.

All prices are negotiable!


3rd Party

  • TFC Iron Army, Targetroids, Battle Rollar, MP Starscream Coronation, Dream Maker Warriors from Cyborgtron pic
  • BTS Nemesis Trailer, Cassettes, KFC Cassettes, PE Ultimate Form, Master Shooter Targetmasters, Shapeways add-ons and more pic
    • B Box and Bird Bomber sold
  • FansProject Clear Protector, FPC Steel Core Trailer, PE Birds (from the Ultimate Form set), Swords, MGS BB & CJ Upgrade Set, Devil Horns Custom Kit for BB pic


  • TRU MP-10 Prime (loose complete) sold, Walmart Starscream (no base, missing red things), Walmart Skywarp (broken right hip skirt peg) sold, MP Prowl (loose complete) pic


Kabaya Convoy Asst 5: Deathsaurus
opened, unassembled pic
Kabaya Convoy Asst 5: WFC Optimus Prime
opened, unassembled pic
Kabaya Convoy Asst 5: Hot Spot
opened, unassembled pic
Animated Deluxe Optimus Prime
loose complete
Animated Voyager Optimus Prime
loose, figure only
Botcon 2005 Exclusive Ramjet - $15
loose, complete
eHobby exclusive clear Hot Rod
loose, complete
PCC Double Clutch x2
PCC Mudslinger with Destructicons
PCC Stakeout with Protectobots
PCC Skyburst with Aerialbots
Robots In Disguise Landfill
loose complete
Sons of Cybertron 2 pack Clear Deluxe Hot Rod & Classics Prime
opened, with packaging, complete, small crack in Hot Rod's hip
Star Wars Crossovers Luke/X-Wing
loose, near complete, missing only the small Luke figure
Star Wars Crossovers Emperor/Imperial Shuttle
loose, complete
Star Wars Crossovers Clone Pilot/ARC-170
loose, complete
Star Wars Crossovers Clone Pilot/ARC-170 Shark version
loose, complete
Star Wars Crossovers Darth Vader/Vader's TIE Fighter
loose, complete
Titanium Skywarp
Titanium Starscream
Titanium Thrust
TFTM Hardtop (repaint of Cybertron Hardtop)
loose complete
Heroes of Cybertron Ultra Magnus Diaclone Deco
loose complete
Robot Heroes Skywarp
loose complete
Robot Heroes Ultra Magnus
loose complete
Universe 1 Walmart Exclusive Ultra Magnus basic
loose complete (repaint of RID Ultra Magnus)

Armada / Cybertron / Energon

Armada Blurr with Incinerator Minicon
loose, complete
Armada Hoist no minicon
loose, complete, except minicon
Armada Hot Shot with Jolt
loose, complete
Armada Minicon Liftor
loose, complete
Armada minicon Space Team
loose complete
Armada Superlinx Optimus Prime with Corona Sparkplug
loose, complete, working electronics (batteries not included)
Armada Sideswipe with Nightbeat minicon
loose, complete
Armada Terrorsaur with Ironhide Minicon
loose, complete
Armada Thrust with Inferno Minicon
loose, complete
Cybertron Blurr
loose, complete
Cybertron Hot Shot
loose, missing launcher and missile
Cybertron Optimus Prime Legends class x2
loose, complete
Cybertron Sunstorm
loose, complete
Energon Checkpoint (from Exclusive SWAT Team 2 pack) as 'custom' Ultra Magnus
loose complete, with Armada Prime head (no checkpoint head)
Energon Jetfire
loose, complete
Energon Prowl
loose complete with extra missile & launcher
Energon Signal Flare
loose, complete
Energon Starscream G1 Deco
loose complete
Energon Tow-Line
loose complete

Classics / Universe 2.0 / Generations

Devastator (Walmart Exclusive) CUSTOM
loose complete
loose complete with custom paint details
Cyclonus with Nightstick Targetmaster
loose, complete
Motorbreath Ultimate Gift Set
loose complete
loose complete with custom paint details
Shockwave Fall of Cybertron
loose complete
Smokescreen with Reprolabels set applied
loose complete
Soundwave Fall of Cybertron Voyager w/Laserbeak, Rumble & Ravage, Frenzy & Ratbat data discs
loose complete
loose complete - this is the original Classics Starscream, with the not-quite G1 deco
Thundercracker Ultimate Gift Set
loose complete
loose complete

Hunt for the Decepticons / Reveal The Shield

G2 Laser Optimus Prime
loose, complete
loose complete
Hot Rod Battle In Space
loose complete
loose, complete
Legends Optimus Prime
loose complete
Legends Starscream
looose complete
Sunspot - $15
new, unopened

Revenge of the Fallen

Kmart Exclusive Nebular Starscream
loose, complete
Kmart Exclusive War for the Skies
New, unopened, Legends class 4 pack containing: Autobot Blades, Jetfire, Spinister & Thundercracker.
Custom Ramjet (from Deluxe Dirge) - $50
loose, no weapons (he didn't come with any)
NEST Recon Ravage
New, unopened, exclusive mail-away figure.
Recon Ironhide
loose, NO WEAPONS, never transformed
loose complete

Dark of the Moon

Ultimate Optimus Prime
Loose complete, includes instructions.

Toys R Us Exclusive Bumblebee vs Starscream Mission Earth Legends 4 pack
new unopened, contains 2 Bumblebees, one Cybertron mode, one Earth mode, and 2 Starscreams, one Cybertronian and one Earth mode.
Cyberverse Optimus Prime with Trailer
loose, currently missing the missile, but it should be around here somewhere
Cyberverse Optimus Prime, Preview version

TF Prime

Bulkhead RID Voyager
loose complete
Cliffjumper RID
loose complete
Cyberverse Commander Ironhide
loose, complete
Cyberverse Commander Optimus Prime
loose, complete
Cyberverse Commander Ultra Magnus
loose complete
Optimus Prime SDCC
loose complete
Optimus Prime RID
loose complete
loose complete
Ultra Magnus RID Voyager
loose Complete
Wheeljack Dark Energon
Wheeljack RID
loose complete
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