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SalesSigma 6

Free Shipping on all figures within the US



Combat Squad / Misc

  • Night Ranger Quad with Duke - $35
  • Paratrooper Snake Eyes - $35 pic

Commando Series

  • Arctic Duke - $30 pic
  • Heavy Duty with Flame Blaster - $35 pic
  • Ground Blast Heavy Duty - $55 pic
  • Lt Stone - $35

Soldier Series

  • Kamakura - $20 pic

Incomplete Figures

For pictures and a list of included accessories, please contact me.

Adventure Team

  • Danger in the Jungle with Storm Shadow - $35 pic
Missing Tiger - the collar and chain are included, though not pictured

Commando Series

NO WEAPONS CRATES except as noted

  • Arctic Snake Eyes
    Cobra Commander
Complete except for shield and knife, includes weapons crate
  • Cobra Commander
missing everything
  • Cobra Commander Battlefield General
  • Frontal Assault Duke
Missing pistol and holster
  • Heavy Duty
missing chaingun, but includes the missile launcher portion and extra missile, includes weapons crate
  • Hi Tech
missing cloth pants
  • Jet Wing Duke
complete except for gun and ammo clip
  • Kamakura Ninja Flames
complete except for the sword flame effect
  • Paratrooper Duke --pending
Includes: parachute, helmet, webgear, 2 (of 4) grenades, MP5, Switchfire pistol, tomahawk
Missing: gun holsters, 2 grenades, bayonet, bowie knife, pistol
  • Sigma Strike Duke
  • Spirit Iron-Knife
Complete, except missing perch for falcon, and the falcon is missing a talon. includes extra arrow
  • Snake Eyes Commando
missing everything except the webgear and ammo belt
  • Snake Eyes Jungle Commando
  • Snake Eyes Pyramid of Peril
  • Samurai Snake Eyes
  • Storm Shadow v2
  • Storm Shadow Danger in the Jungle
  • Storm Shadow Razor Ninja

Soldier Series

  • Desert Long Range
  • Hi-Tech Weapons Expert
Complete except for arachnobot
  • Kamakura
  • Kamakura Airglide
  • Sea Ops Duke
Complete except for flippers
  • Skybat
complete, except for one missile, includes extra gun
  • Skybat
missing everything except wings
  • Storm Shadow with Crossbow
  • Tunnel Rat
  • Tunnel Rat Demolitions
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