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SalesToku Toys

This list is current and up to date.

Free First Class or Priority Mail shipping in the US.

contact me on twitter at ryanlbowman

Pics available on request.

Italics indicates pending

Role Play

Gaia Memories

The following are all from the Gashapon Final Wave sets 1 & 2. All are brand new, unused.

$10 each, free US shipping

Hibiki Armed pic
Rider 1 pic
Rider 2 pic
Riderman pic
Shin pic
Skyrider pic
Stronger pic
V3 pic
X pic
ZX pic

SH Figuarts

Unless otherwise noted, all figures are opened, complete with all accessories.

Discounts available to Twitter friends and buddies.

  • Bouken Red (JP version, no Akibaranger accessories) $22
  • Black Condor (JP version) $27
  • Red Hawk (JP version, no Akibaranger accessories) $22
  • RyuRanger $22
  • OOO TaMaShii Combo $25 -on hold
  • Shinken Blue $45
  • Super Shinken Red $27
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