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This is stuff I am considering selling, but haven't quite decided on. If you're interested in something, let me know, make an offer and if I need money that day, more than I need the given toy, you've probably got a deal.

  • World of Warcraft figures
I do know that a couple of these will likely never be for sale, but other may be.
  • Four Horsemen and Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC)
Ramathor and the boar are definitely for sale, Scareglow is most likely not for sale
pic1 pic2 pic3
  • NECA Aliens, Predator, Terminator
  • Hellboy
  • Women of the DC Universe busts & Ame-Comi figurines
Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Wonder Woman not likely to be for sale
pic1 pic2 pic3
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