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In 2009 the live action film GI Joe: Rise of Cobra was released, I really enjoyed it. A couple months later I noticed that the movie tie-in toys were marked down to $5 at Walmarts, and shortly thereafter by other stores. One reason I stopped buying Star Wars figures was because the price kept creeping up, I think they were $7 when I quit them, I couldn't justify the price for that small a toy. But when Joes hit $5, I noticed, and I noticed that they had lots of accessories, a key reason I got into the Sigma 6 line. And a new line invaded my home.


Wave One

  • Neo-Viper
  • Storm Shadow

Wave Two

  • Conrad "Duke" Hauser (Reactive Impact Armor)
  • Shana "Scarlet" O'Hara (Reactive Impact Armor)
  • Snake Eyes (Paris Pursuit)
  • Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)

Wave Three

  • Baroness (Paris Pursuit)
  • Conrad "Duke" Hauser (Delta-6 Accelerator Suit)
  • Wallace "Ripcord" Weems (Reactive Impact Armor)

Wave Four

  • Nano-Viper
  • Red Fang Ninja

Wave Five

  • Cobra Viper Commando
  • Wallace "Ripcord" Weems (Delta–6 Accelerator Suit)

Wave Six

  • Courtney "Cover Girl" Krieger
  • Heavy Duty (Reactive Impact Armor)

Wave Seven

  • Agent Helix
  • Crimson Neo-Viper (x2)
  • Elite Viper
  • GI Joe Pit Commando (x2)

Wave Eight

  • Conrad "Duke" Hauser IV (City Strike)
  • Desert-Viper
  • Snake Eyes (City Strike)
  • Wallace "Ripcord" Weems (Jungle Assault)

Deluxe Vehicle Sets

  • Air-Viper Commando w/ Cobra CLAW
  • Air-Viper w/ Rocket Pack
  • Cobra Eel w/ Wave Crusher
  • Cobra Viper Commando w/ Serpent Armor
  • James "Grand Slam" Barney w/ Air Assault Glider
  • Scrap-Iron w/ Snake Trax ATV
  • Snake Eyes w/ Arashikage Cycle
  • Storm Shadow w/ Arashikage Cycle
  • Wet-Suit w/ Dragonfish
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