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The Pursuit of Cobra line is the successor to the Rise of Cobra line, and even though the price has gone back up, they're such great figures I'm still picking up a few here and there. The figures in this line are sub-divided into four battle scenarios, Arctic Threat, City Strike, Desert Battle and Jungle Assault. So far I seem to prefer City Strike, but we'll see how the line goes.


Wave One (Aug 2010)

  • Snow Job (Arctic Threat)
  • Snake Eyes w/ Timber (Desert Battle)
  • Storm Shadow (Desert Battle)
  • Beachhead (City Strike)
  • Alley-Viper (City Strike)
  • Firefly (City Strike)
  • Duke (Jungle Assault)

Wave Two (Sept 2010)

  • Snake Eyes Ninja Commando (Jungle Assault)
  • Jungle-Viper (Jungle Assault) x2

Wave Three (scheduled for Jan 2011)

__Snake Eyes (V2 w/ alternate V1 head) __Duke (Desert Battle) __Cobra Shock Trooper (City Strike) __Storm Shadow

Wave Four (scheduled for March 2011)

__Destro __Low-Light __Skydive __Shadow Tracker

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