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For the fun of it, I randomized the order I will try to acquire Kamen Rider merch. I am under no obligation to follow this list to the letter, it's more of a guide; ie, if I find myself with money to spend and no specific figure in mind to buy, I would follow this order.

  1. MG Figure-rise Accel
  2. MG Figure-rise Luna Trigger
  3. SIC HeatMetal/LunaTrigger
  4. SIC CycloneJoker
  5. MG Figure-rise Heat Metal
  6. SIC Skull/FangJoker
  7. DX Skull Magnum and Memory
  8. DX Prism Bicker
  9. SH Figuarts Crystal Skull
  10. DX Fang Memory
  11. DX Double Driver
  12. DX Xtreme Memory

  1. SH Figuarts Dark Kiva
  2. SH Figuarts FangJoker
  3. Souchaku Henshin Garulu Form
  4. OOO Combo Change Birth
  5. SH Figuarts OOO TaJaDor
  6. OOO Combo Change PuToTyra
  7. SH Figuarts GokaiBlue
  8. SH Figuarts Kuuga Rising Dragon
  9. SH Figuarts Kuuga Titan Form
  10. SH Figuarts Ryuki
  11. SH Figuarts Kuuga Rising Pegasus
  12. Souchaku Henshin Dogga Form
  13. SH Figuarts Daguba
  14. SH Figuarts LunaTrigger
  15. SH Figuarts CycloneMetal/CycloneTrigger
  16. SH Figuarts Accel Trial
  17. SH Figuarts GokaiRed
  18. SIC Vol 24 Kuuga Rising Forms
  19. SH Figuarts Kuuga Dragon Form
  20. OOO Combo Change TaJaDor

  21. SH Figuarts Eternal
  22. DX Trial Memory
  23. SIC Ixa / Dark Kiva
  24. SH Figuarts Accel
  25. SH Figuarts OOO TaJaDor Effects Set
  26. SH Figuarts Ankh Stand Set
  27. SH Figuarts HeatJoker/HeatTrigger
  28. SH Figuarts OOO ShaUTa
  29. SIC Vol 50 Kiva
  30. MG Figure-rise Skull
  31. SH Figuarts Birth Claws Set
  32. Souchaku Henshin Kiva
  33. DX Beetle Phone
  34. SH Figuarts CycloneJoker Xtreme
  35. SH Figuarts Kuuga Rising Mighty
  36. SH Figuarts OOO LaToraTa
  37. MG Figure-rise CycloneJoker
  38. DX Metal Memory
  39. SIC CycloneCyclone/JokerJoker
  40. OOO Combo Change ShaUTa

  41. SH Figuarts Fourze Base States
  42. SH Figuarts Kuuga Rising Titan
  43. SH Figuarts Birth
  44. Souchaku Henshin Basshaa form
  45. SH Figuarts Kuuga Rising Ultimate
  46. SH Figuarts LunaMetal/LunaJoker
  47. SH Figuarts Kuuga Ultimate Form
  48. SH Figuarts OOO PuToTyra
  49. SH Figuarts Kuuga Mighty Form
  50. SH Figuarts HeatMetal
  51. DX Spider Shock
  52. DX Stag Phone
  53. SH Figuarts Nasca Dopant
  54. SH Figuarts GokaiGreen
  55. DX Accel Driver
  56. DX Engine Blade
  57. SH Figuarts Kuuga Amazing Mighty
  58. DX Lost Driver
  59. DX Bat Shot
  60. SIC Vol 22 Kuuga Mighty/Dragon/Pegasus/Titan Forms

  61. SH Figuarts Kuuga Growing Form
  62. SH Figuarts Kiva Emperor Form
  63. SH Figuarts Knight
  64. SIC Vol 56 Kamen Rider Kuuga Decade Edition
  65. SH Figuarts Weather Dopant
  66. SH Figuarts R Nasca Dopant
  67. SH Figuarts Kuuga Pegasus Form
  68. T2 Eternal Memory
  69. SH Figuarts CycloneJoker
  70. SH Figuarts Accel Booster
  71. Accel Booster Upgrade Memory
  72. SH Figuarts Fourze Module Set
  73. SH Figuarts CycloneJoker Gold Xtreme
  74. SIC CycloneJoker Gold Xtreme
  75. SH Figuarts OOO GataKiriBa

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