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Designed by Terry Dodson, Designed by Terry Dodson, sculpted by Jack Matthews, this mini bust measures approximately 5.75" Tall, 2.5" Wide, and 3" Deep. It was limited to 3000 units (which so far, is the most limited of all that I own), of which I have number 2742.

I acquired from eBay, for the excellent price of $23.99, receiving it in Nov, 2010 (along with the Batwoman mini bust, which I acquired from the same seller, for an similarly excellent price).

While not really familiar with this look for the character, and really not knowing that much about her, I am a fan of Jade in general, and think this bust looks amazing. There's something particularly life-like about it, I think mainly in the face, I could see it being a sculpt of a real person. Plus, I do like this costume, even if I've never read any comics where she wore it.

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