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In mid-2010 the Revenge of the Fallen movie toy line ended, and it's successor, Hunt for the Decepticons. The figures are still largely influenced by the movie look, but slightly moving towards the simpler comic style. A few of these figures would have fit fairly well in its sister line, Generations. I don't hate the movie looks, but there are plenty I don't love either, so I'm not buying everything in this line.

Scout Class

  • Breacher - Autobots
  • Sunspot - Decepticons

Deluxe Class

  • Hailstorm - Decepticons
  • Jetblade - Decepticons
  • Mindset - Autobot
  • Perceptor - Autobot
  • Special Ops Jazz
  • Terradive -Decepticons
  • Tomahawk - Autobots
  • Turbo Tracks

Voyager Class

  • Banzaitron - Decepticons
  • Battle Blades Optimus Prime - Autobots
  • Highbrow - Autobots
  • Lugnut - Decepticons
  • Sea Spray - Autobots
  • Solar Storm Grappel - Autobots
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