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Henkei is a Japanese line equivalent to the US Classics line. Using the same molds as Classics this line differs only in the deco. Mainly the figures are very, if not totally, similar to the US versions, but a few figures are notably distinct from their Classics counterparts, and of course, those are the ones I'm most interested in. Another distinguishing feature of the line is the chrome. Each figure has some random part that is chromed, rather than painted. I guess it's some odd Japanese thing. Some of them look fine (like the chromed exhaust bits on Dark Skyfire, and some of them are decidedly strange, like Megatron's chest.

Deluxe Class

  • Cyclonus (eHobby Clear) - Decepticon
  • Hot Rod (eHobby Clear) - Autobot
  • Scourge (eHobby Clear) - Decepticon

Voyage Class

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