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Generations is the third in a series of lines meant to fill in between movie or TV series related lines. The main idea is that they are modern, updated versions of Generation 1 figures. The first of these, Transformers Classics, was released in 2006, to fill in the gap between the previous line and the 2007 Movie line. It was hugely popular, spawning a sequel Universe Classics 2.0 with more figures in it, after the 2007 Movie line, with this line hitting mid-2010 after the 2009 Movie line ended. Generations was co-released with Hunt for the Decepticons.

While Generations is in the Classics style, it is also the catch-all line for Hasbro, so they can release other figures that aren't updates to Generation 1 figs. There's an implied sub-line within Generations, for figures based on the recent War for Cybertron video game, and brand new figures, such as comic-only characters are also in this line.

This line is currently my favorite active line. As much as I'm into DCUC, it's getting a bit expensive, to where I feel I'm getting more for my money from TFs, and Generations (and the Classics style in general) is exactly what I want in a Transformers line. I am so far buying everything in Generations.

Deluxe Class

  • WFC Bumblebee - Autobot
  • WFC Cliffjumper - Autobot
  • Darkmount - Decepticon
  • Dirge - Decepticon
  • Drift - Autobot
  • Kup - Autobot
  • WFC Megatron - Decepticon
  • WFC Optimus Prime - Autobot
  • Red Alert - Autobot
  • Scourge - Decepticon
  • Skullgrin - Decepticon
  • WFC Soundwave - Decepticon
  • Thundercracker - Decepticon
  • Thunderwing - Decepticon
  • Thrust - Decepticon
  • Warpath - Autobot
  • Wheeljack - Autobot
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