Duncan's Duende Rapier

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Official Product description From the Highlander 20th Anniversary Sword Collection:

No other series presented and preserved the art and traditions of swordsmanship with HIGHLANDER’s unparalleled levels
of integrity and honor. At the pinnacle of The Legend's excellence stands the series’ extraordinary 102nd episode, Duende.

Creatively nuanced and gorgeously imagined, The Duende Rapier carries with it an air of haughty, self-assured
confidence appropriate of the cocksure demeanor of Spanish sword masters. The blade, a lithe, lighting-quick sweep
of polished stainless steel, compels itself from a grip and pommel holding steadfast within a guard defined by an
orbit of banded steel.

As with each signature sword in the anniversary collection, the base of the Duende’s blade is etched with a line of
character-specific dialog, a detail that distinguishes the sword from any other in the world. Duncan's weapon offers
the oath:

"When she was alive I promised to honor her vow... Now I will avenge her."


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