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Designed by Adam Hughes, sculpted by , this mini bust measures approximately 5.5" Tall, 3" Wide, and 2" Deep. I have number 0097 of 6000

I picked this bust up only because it was cheap, getting it in a trade along with the Series 1 Power Girl, for a figure I didn't particularly care for. I think it worked out to me paying about $18 for it. It wasn't really one I was especially interested in, I'm not particularly knowledgeable about the character, except to know that she has a long, sordid, nearly unintelligible origin in the comics. She was originally supposed to be Wonder Woman as a younger girl, but then at some point somebody working on the comics thought she was somebody else wanting to be like Diana, then at some point she became a magically created clone of her, and then things got really weird. I don't know, I don't care, she's had better costumes than this, I prefer the star field costume (see the Ame Comi figure).

But the bust has really grown on me. The face is quite attractive, resembles the Wonder Woman bust I have enough to be a magical clone of her, is posed interestingly enough, and the costume looks pretty good on her, even if it's not the one I would have preferred. And it displays well with the other busts I have.

My only concern with it is the center of gravity must be kind of high up in the bust (she is a bit unrealistically large in certain places), her hair probably doesn't help with that either. The gist is, the base isn't large enough to accommodate her top-heaviness, so she can tip over easily if bumped. She won't fall over just by looking at her, but she might be one of the first to fall in an earthquake, or if somebody hit the shelves really hard. She's not as bad as Starfire, but I haven't even started a page for her yet, so that's getting ahead of myself.

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