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Unfortunately, the DS9 figures didn't sell nearly as well as the TNG Figures, which already weren't selling as well as needed to keep the line alive, so DS9 was tragically cut short after two waves, and several important figures were left undone, a few of which were announced and then canceled, such as Gol Dukat, and Season 4 uniform Captain Sisko, and the Defiant Command Chair.


Wave One

  • Captain Benjamin Sisko (Season 6 Uniform)
  • Lt Cmdr Jadzia Dax (Season 6 Uniform)
  • Constable Odo (Previews Exclusive)
  • Lt Ezri Dax (Season 7 Uniform)

Wave Two

  • Chief Miles O'Brien (Season 6 Uniform)
  • Dr Julian Bashir (Season 6 Uniform)
  • General Martok
  • Colonel Kira Nerys (Season 7 Starfleet Uniform)


  • Lt Cmdr Worf (Soldiers of the Empire, Musicland Group Inc)
  • Regent Worf (Shattered Mirror, Action Figure Xpress)

2 Packs

  • Lt Cmdr Worf (Season 4 Uniform) & Chancellor Gowron
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