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Crystal Convoy (Clear Optimus Prime) 450px


As with Classics Prime, this is an excellent mold, with a nice, modern look to the cab-over-engine type truck, and a very iconic looking bot mode. I love this mold, and have numerous repaints of it, and while I would like more, a couple of them are ridiculously expensive (such as the Wonderfest Black Convoy, Shattered Glass Prime, which fetch many hundreds on the after market) so I'll either have to get knock offs or go without.

This is, unfortunately, a knock off. I don't recall the specifics of how or when Crystal Convoy was released, I'm thinking it was an eHobby exclusive release of some kind. I do know is that it sells for hundreds and I wasn't going to pay that much, and this KO came around at an opportune time and for an opportune price.

While the recent KOs of Classics figures, Prime and the Seekers specifically, have been pretty high quality, they're by no means perfect. Black Convoy has some loose joints, it doesn't quite fit together as tightly as I'd like in vehicle mode, Crystal Convoy also has some loose joints, and as seems to be a problem with the clear plastic, it has some brittleness to it. I have been told that this figure exhibits it to a far lesser degree than previous, older KOs, but mine unfortunately does suffer from it to some degree. Specifically, the front wheels piece broke off where it hinges. I can wedge it up in place in robot mode, but I think it will fall off in vehicle mode (which mode I haven't had it in since it broke). Still, the robot mode is a little cooler anyway.

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