Catwoman (Women of the DCU, Series 3)

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Catwoman with Kitty and Loot thumb


Designed by Amanda Conner, sculpted by Jack Mathews, this Catwoman mini bust measures approximately 5.5" Tall, 2.75" Wide, and 3.25" Deep. It was limited to 4500 units (so not that limited), of which I have number 1393. I acquired Catwoman v3 from eBay (where else), for the reasonable price of $35.95, receiving it on Feb 22, 2011.

I really like this bust. In general, Amanda Conner's art is a little more comic-y, cartoony, than Adam Hughes, but I really like the overall aesthetic of her designs, and they translate very well to 3D. There also seems to be a wider variety in the emotions on the character's faces than the earlier series.

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