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Kamen Rider is a series of Japanese TV shows. They originally ran from 1971 to 1989 (Showa era), and resumed in 2000 to the present day (Heisei era). I've currently seen four series' through to completion (Kuuga (2001), Kiva (2008), Double (2009-10), OOO (2010-11)). I am currently watching three other series (Ryuki (2003), Den-O (2007) and Fourze (2011-12) though I'm so behind on Fourze it barely counts. But the point is, I definitely consider myself a fan of the Kamen Rider property

As I build my Kamen Rider collection, my primary focus is my two favorite most series, Kiva and Double. There are four divisions in the toys I'm interested in, figurewise there is SIC (or Super Imaginative Chogokin) SH Figuarts and its predecessor, Souchaku Henshin), Master Grade Figure-rise model kits, and the role playing toys, all by Bandai.


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