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A series of 1/43 scale detailed replicas of various automobiles and aircraft used by Batman in films, TV and comics. Beginning in Feb 2013, released biweekly, available thru comic shops.


I'm not going to collect the entire line, but I'll endeavor to keep a list of those actually released.

Feb 2013

Tentative List

  • 1939 Batman Car: Batmobile Detective #27, Bob Kane
  • 1940 One of the Batman's early modes of transport appears in Detective Comic #37, Bob Kane
  • 1941 The first car to be called Batmobile debut in Detective #48, Bob Kane
  • 1942 The first Bat-like car, a two door sedan is introduce in the early 40s, Batman #15, Jerry Robinson
  • 1943 The first live action car from the Batman Serial of the 1943 from Columbia Pictures
  • 1943 A new car base on the 1940s roadster is introduce by Bob Kane
  • 1944 The most iconic Batmobile of the 1940s appear in Batman #20
  • 1949 A second live action car is used in the 1949 Batman and Robin movie serials, Columbia Pictures
  • 1950 Batman designs a new Batmobile in Detective Comics #156, Bod Kane
  • 1951 The fifties see the introduction of the wacky Jokermobile
  • 1952 The legendary Flying Batcave make its first (of two) appearances!
  • 1953 Batman's enemy Two Face receives his own car
  • 1955 The 1920s 'Classic Car' is seen in the story titled 'Gotham City's Strangest Race
  • 1956 The Catmobile is designed in the fifties.
  • 1956 Catwoman also receives a Catplane!
  • 1960 Artist Gil Kane create a boxy, more angular Batmobile
  • 1964 A complete redesign is introduced in Batman #164
  • 1966 TV Batmobile George Barris
  • 1966 Batboat TV
  • 1966 Batcopter TV
  • 1966 Batcycle TV
  • 1967 Batgirl's motorbike TV
  • 1968 With the TV series proving to be a huge success, artist Frank Springer designs a new Batmobile based on the Futura car Detective Comic #337
  • 1969 A complete redesign takes place with artist Bob Brown introducing a two-seater coupe
  • 1970 Neal Adam adapts the coupe and defines the style of the Batmobile for most of the 70s
  • 1973 A Batmobile based on thr Futura car is seen in the Superfriends TV cartoon.
  • 1976 A new roadster design appears in Batman #272/274
  • 1980 A new decade, a new design. This was shown in most comics during the 80s
  • 1985 Batmobile appeared in both Batman and Detective Comics. Based on the popular Super Powers Batmobile
  • 1986 A tank-like Batmobile appear in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns in 1986
  • 1988 Norm Breyfogle creates this 'spaceship' style Batmobile for the story 'The Fear'
  • 1989 Batwing from Tim Burton's Batman movie
  • 1989 Batmobile (Armoured) from Tim Burton's Batman movie
  • 1990 Batmobile Legends of the Dark Knight "Prey saw the introduction of a new modified Batmobile that would last six years in comics books
  • 1991 The Redbird car is used by the third Robin, Tim Drake
  • 1992 The Batskiboat appears in the Batman Return movie.
  • 1992 Kevin O'Neil's "super-tractor" appears in the Legends of the Dark Knight: 'Legends of the Dark Mite' issue.
  • 1992 The Batmobile and the Batplane are redesigned for the Batman: The Animated Series
  • 1993 Batplane from the Batman: The Animated Series
  • 1995 Batmobile from the movie Batman Forever.
  • 1995 Batwing from the movie Batman Forever.
  • 1995 Batboat from the movie Batman Forever.
  • 1996 One of the most enduring Batmobiles from the recent comic series appears in the mid-nineties.
  • 1997 Bruce Timm designs The New Batman Adventures animated series' Batmobile.
  • 1997 A fourth movie Batmobile appears in the Batman and Robin movie
  • 1998 The late nineties saw a slight modification to the earlier comics model
  • 1999 A flying Batmobile makes it's debut in the futuristic Batman Beyond animated series.
  • 2000 The most recent and modern looking Batcycle debut.
  • 2002 A Jim Lee designed Batmobile is introduced in the story line 'Hush'
  • 2004 The new 'super-car' Batmobile from The Batman cartoon series of 2004 and also appears in the comic Batman Strikes.
  • 2005 Artist Jim Lee creates a Flying Batmobileto appear in All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder.
  • 2005 The Tumbler appears in the Batman Begin movie
  • 2006 The Batmobile from The Batman animated series is modified in 2006
  • 2008 A racing-car Batmobileappears in Gotham After Midnight #1 Kelly Jones
  • 2008 Bat-pod features in The Dark Knight movie
  • 2008 A new Batmobile is created for the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold
  • 2009 The most modern version of the Batmobile appears in Batman and Robin #1
  • 2010 Neal Adam's classic 70s C3 Corvette is upgraded with flight capability in 2010's Batman Odyssey #1
  • 2011 Comic Batmobile

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