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Designed by Terry Dodson, sculpted by Jim Maddox, this Batwoman mini bust measures approximately 5.5" Tall, 3.5" Wide, and 2.5" Deep. It was limited to 4000 units (not very limited), of which I have number 1086. I acquired from eBay, for the excellent price of $22.49, receiving it in Nov, 2010 (along with the Jade mini bust, which I acquired from the same seller, for an similarly excellent price).

I think this is a fantastic piece. I have always liked the combination of black and red, and this costume also makes me think of Batman Beyond (the cartoon series), of which I have always been a fan, and the costumes certainly complement each other. While it seems kinda impractical to have so much loose hair flying around if you're going to be in close combat, since when is a super heroine's costume supposed to be practical? Also, I think it might be a wig, so that's not so bad. But I think it is an excellent costume, I've always liked it, and I think it looks great in bust form.

And finally, the base is really nice, I like the gargoyle, and I'm under the impression the later Batman bust has a matching base.

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