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I had a few Transformers in the 80s when I was quite young, I always loved them, and I was very jealous of my cousins who had a large number of Transformers. In 2006 when the Classics line was in stores, I nearly bought Optimus Prime and Megatron a number of times, but I knew that if I started buying Transformers I would not be able to stop. So I controlled myself and didn't get into the line. In early 2010 the Masterpiece Skywarp figure was on clearance at Walmarts, I saw one for 75% off, and I decided I could get one Transformer. Just one wouldn't hurt. 8 months later I have nearly all the Classics and Universe (Classics 2.0) lines, and the current Generations (Classics 3.0) line is what I'm most looking forward to collecting now.

Transformers are generally grouped into classes, by size. Scout Class is a small line, priced $7-$8, Deluxe Class is the medium size, priced $9-$12, and Voyager Class is the large size, at $19-$22. There's also a Legends Class, which is tiny ($5), and Leader Class, which is very large ($45). I don't collect those two classes. Additionally there's a collector targeted, larger sized, high-end, high-priced line, called Masterpiece.


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